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Accounts & Taxation jobs in UAE

With a commendable growth rate in all business sectors including oil, tourism, real estate and tourism, UAE has become a lucrative place to pursue accounting career choices.


Job profiles

Though accounting jobs are in plenty, employees need high skill sets to excel in this competitive field. Apart from being good in basic mathematics and accounting, the employees should have hands- on experience in data base software and spreadsheet apart from having an analytical mind set to solve problems or make forecasts.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) on 2019, accounting professionals who have a certification from a professional body are one of the highest paid employees in the Middle East region


1.Accountants are responsible for all the accounting operations in the company
2.Execute bonding, insurance and contract agreements of employees in the organization
3.Formulation and implementation of company financial plans
4.Preparation of all daily/monthly/ yearly financial reports
5.Work with outside financial firms on monthly close-out procedures
6.Make Financial reports and budget plans as per the needs of the company
7.Manage company and project cash flow
8.Ensure compliance with accounting procedures and review job cost estimates regularly


Precision: Accountant jobs require a very high level of consistency and accuracy in all the daily reports and business transactions and should strictly adhere to the company accounting procedures.

Deadlines: Pressing deadlines make a serious challenge in most accounting jobs. Accountants may have to post all the transactions and tally the cash statement every day. They are also responsible for the preparation of monthly financial statements, yearly reports and a host of other financial reports.

Work under pressure

Accountants need to keep their cool and work better under pressure especially during busy times like annual auditing and taxation period. Even while being overworked, accountants cannot afford to make mistakes.

Continuous Learning:

Accounting is a profession where you never stop learning. You have to keep updated with the government policy changes and standards that need to be integrated into practice. You have to be in sync with not just the financial compliance standards but also in the accounting software, technology and quality enhancement.


Companies in the free zones of various Emirates offer a lot of openings for accountant jobs. The employees can apply through online classifieds for the most appropriate job openings to stand out in the competition. Job listing will features jobs for both fresh hands and experienced candidates, which makes it easy to choose the best career options available.